For me, being a doula means to be present, to see, to hear and to validate. It means trusting, empowering, nurturing, nourishing, normalizing, and comforting… sometimes with words or actions, sometimes by doing more or less, and other times by doing nothing at all. To me it means being a guide and being guided, it means being a teacher and a student, and I find it is more about being good at learning than knowing it all. Being a doula means helping people define their own path and voice, and helping them navigate the various internal and external barriers that show up along the way. For me it doesn’t mean fixing (unless it’s food ;) or promising outcomes. It means meeting people where they are, offering tools and techniques based on their needs, and always aiming to strengthen their confidence in themselves, their bodies, their process. It means co-creating a safe container and welcoming tears, fears, joys, jokes and all the feelings of labor and postpartum. It means supporting the birth of not only babies but parents and families. It means equal preparation for postpartum and being a steady resource through that period. Being a doula means feeling deeply committed to supporting the long term health and vitality of humanity and the earth. It means celebrating all family structures and reproductive choices, understanding the dire need for change in our health systems and working to participate in breaking down racial, gender, and economic barriers to better birth and postpartum care. Being a doula means honoring this rite of passage, understanding it’s worth, and continually working to educate myself to deepen my knowledge and offerings. Being a doula also means self care and birthing myself over and over by exploring my own interior, so I can better show up for my clients more emotionally, spiritually and physically sound. And lastly, being a doula for me is natural, I love this work so much and I’m grateful to be right here.

I'm a certified CLC through healthy babies. Comforting Touch Workshop with Yiska. Traditional Postpartum Practices with Valerie Lynn. Mindfulness for Childbirth and Parenting Course with Kristy Zadrozny. Pelvic Floor and pushing with Lindsey Vestal. Pelvic floor training with Jackie Nett. Preparing for caring, Newborn handling with the Babies Project. Prenatal Yoga Studies with Jennifer Petit.


"Linsey was incredible during our birth- her patience, kindness, and guidance was so calming and critical for our son's birth." -  Elisa

"Linsey's dedication was inspiring. She was excellent at creating a sense of calm in the delivery room and she never wavered. We were so grateful to have her there. She made a huge difference."   - Holly and matt

"Linsey was a very calming presence, created a relaxing, peaceful birth environment, and had an innate sense of the patient's needs."   - Dr. B

"Linsey is very supportive, knowledgable and dedicated. I had an amazing birth experience."  - Patty

"Linsey has an excellent, compassionate presence."  -  Dr. Worth

"We are doing fantastic! Baby is healthy and calm, and is latching, which is very encouraging. We want to thank you for all of your warmth and love, as well as professionalism. We have continued to recount our birth story and we so appreciate your role in it. Thank you, thank you!"  -  Michael