I hold your hand from pregnancy to postpartum. Everyone's journey is unique, and I aim to guide you gently along yours.                            

  • As a resource for Informational and Emotional support I help you to...

    • Make informed decisions with evidence based support

    • Better navigate pregnancy

    • Form a strong birth team

    • Create realistic expectations around your birth plan

    • Prepare for the postpartum time

    • Reduce stress and anxiety

    • Handle anything that arises

  • I Offer...

    • A free in person consultation

    • Two prenatal visits - in preparation for labor + postpartum

    • On- call 24/7 from 38 weeks til your birth

    • Labor support through birth and after until everyone is settled and fed

    • Two postpartum visits- to help you ease into this transition

During labor I support birthing families by facilitating a calm birthing environment, guiding the birthing person's own intrinsic wisdom to employ their bodies, breath, and voice during labor, and by holding space for anything that arises, all in the effort to allow their unique birthing process to unfold productively. Clients can expect a gentle, centered presence and skillful guidance toward mindful birthing.

Serving Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.


"Linsey was incredible during our birth- her patience, kindness, and guidance was so calming and critical for our son's birth." -  Elisa

"Linsey's dedication was inspiring. She was excellent at creating a sense of calm in the delivery room and she never wavered. We were so grateful to have her there. She made a huge difference."   - Holly and matt

"Linsey was a very calming presence, created a relaxing, peaceful birth environment, and had an innate sense of the patient's needs."   - Dr. B

"Linsey is very supportive, knowledgable and dedicated. I had an amazing birth experience."  - Patty

"Linsey has an excellent, compassionate presence."  -  Dr. Worth

"We are doing fantastic! Baby is healthy and calm, and is latching, which is very encouraging. We want to thank you for all of your warmth and love, as well as professionalism. We have continued to recount our birth story and we so appreciate your role in it. Thank you, thank you!"  -  Michael