I love wearing various hats and I probably always will. The more I learn to travel my own interior, the more I see a thread that connects all my hats. I’m a doula at heart... in Birth, Sound, Yoga and even in fashion. As a yoga teacher or a stylist, I act as a guide, a source of fresh perspective, and a sounding board. I use my vision to help another find theirs. Using techniques, and sometimes just my presence, I help set up the best conditions for others to dive into self inquiry and ignite personal change. It brings me joy to watch these creative processes unfold. - Linsey

Linsey is a Katonah Yoga® teacher, doula, sound meditation practitioner, herbalist, and designer living in Brooklyn. With a gentle, centered presence she guides others to retune their physical and subtle bodies, using asana, sound, pranayama, mindfulness, herbs and earth centered practices.

Some of her teachers include Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga, Abbie Galvin of The Studio. Alexander Tannous, Eileen McKusick of Biofield Tuning, John Beaulieu of Biosonics, Stephanie Rooker of Voice Journey, Mike Tamburo of Crown of Eternity, Robin Rose Bennett of Wise Woman Healing Ways, and Krsity Zadrozny of Expecting NYC.